About The Southern Section of the ASPB

Mission Statement

The Southern Section of the American Society of Plant Biologists (SS-ASPB) was chartered in accordance with Article IV of the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Society of Plant Biologists. Article IV states that "Geographical, disciplinary, or affinity group sections of the society may be formed by petition...". The stated purpose for the formation of the Southern Section was to "encourage and promote the growth and development of plant physiology as a pure and applied science of the life processes of plants and to promote the welfare and good fellowship of plant biologists generally,...". The SS-ASPB attempts to accomplish these lofty goals through the mailing of three newsletters to all active, or recently active, members and organizing an Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting has several functions, not the least of which is to promote good fellowship. Over the years the Annual Meeting has served to allow faculty and students an opportunity to present their research findings to a group of their peers in a formal, but hopefully not overly-intimidating, environment. Our support for student participation in the Annual Meeting has grown over the years. While a cash prize for the "Best Student Presentation" has enticed participation for many years new incentives have been added. Currently, students participating in the competition also have a greatly reduced Registration Fee and reduced price ticket to the banquet.

How to Join
In order to join, a check for $5, payable to SS-ASPB, can be sent to:
Dr. Shahid Mukhtar
Assistant Professor of Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1300 University Blvd.
CH464, Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: (205) 934-8335
Dues can also be paid:

  • when joining or renewing your national ASPB membership at the ASPB web site
  • when you register for our annual sectional meeting